About me


Csilla Szabó, fine art photographer and analogue B&W printer, born in Budapest, lives and works in Berlin.

After studying photography in Budapest, she moved to Berlin in 2007, where she has been the apprentice of fine-arts photographer Jeff Cowen for many years. While there, she was trained in the art of traditional silver black and white printing of large format photographs on a masterful level, including numerous alternative processes. She then became a professional printer; in the last few years she has printed for international artists and their exhibitions, and she also conducts printing and portfolio workshops in the darkroom. She is also diligently working on her own personal photographic work, which you can see here: www.csillaszabo.com

Although I’m not against digital photography, and I admit the great possibilities in it, I can’t help but love analog photography – especially the darkroom part of it. Even though this craft requires a lot of time and is expensive to do, I find it beautiful. First of all, I can touch and smell all the materials: they are real, and when they are properly handled, apart from a fire or water disaster, they cannot disappear. I perform every step with my own hands – one could label my work “handmade.” Even after several years, I’m still amazed at how the picture comes out on a blank sheet of paper, how I can see the grain through the magnifier and how different chemicals and different methods can bring about completely different results from the same negative. I receive great joy from playing this magician role when I finally achieve the proper, balanced dodging and burning for my work and, after a long day in the dark room, I finally see the final prints on the light, drying on the glass: clean, amazingly flat, and ready to entertain viewers for longer than I will live. I bring the attitude of love for my work to my workshops, in addition to the technical aspects.

I speak fluent English, so I hold my workshops in English, but I understand German as well, so if your English is not the best, we can still easily communicate in the classes.

Hope to see you soon!