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Analog B&W archival printing.

Handling of small, middle and large format negatives from 35mm up to 5×7”.

High–quality Ilford fiber paper is used.

Details, such as edges, contrast, gradation, surface and tone will be taken into account according to your specifications.

Normal dodging and burning, archival washing, toning, and reasonable retouching.

International orders are accepted and work can be shipped internationally.

Prices are netto. 

          24 x 30 cm                    75 Euros
          30 x 40 cm                   100 Euros
          40 x 50 cm                  125 Euros
          50 x 60 cm                  200 Euros
          60 x 80 cm                  300 Euros

          70 x 100 cm                400 Euros

          80 x 120 cm                450 Euros
         120 x 180 cm            1000 Euros

Working with fiber paper does not allow millimeter-based precision as the paper expands when wet and shrinks when dries, and this changes with different paper thicknesses, so please count on a potential 5% variation in size (which means, if possible, order your frames and passepartouts after the prints are done).

Please keep in mind that analog printing is quite time consuming, so a sufficient amount of time will be needed when you bring your negatives to me.

Contact: [email protected]

Hope to hear from you soon!