pic portfolio

Portfolio / Exhibition Workshop

If you are putting together an analog portfolio (for example, to apply to photo school) or are planning your own exhibition, I can help. I offer a private course where we finalize your own analog portfolio or exhibition, from choosing the pictures, to figuring out the look and style of the prints, to the enlarging of the entire selection. We print your pictures in the darkroom together, so at the end you will learn the whole process and you will have the final pictures with notes for future editions.

In this workshop we print max 10 of your photos of maximum 30 x 40 cm. 

The price is 600 € + VAT + paper cost. 

If your project is much smaller or much bigger, the price is discussed on the first meeting.

Depending on the amount/size of your pictures, please take into account that at least a month of work is needed before your final deadline (meaning the day you have to bring the pictures to the framer, not the day of the opening) as analog printing takes time!

To apply, please write an email to: [email protected] 

Vouchers / Gift cards are also available.

Location: Simplon Lab, Simplon str 65, 10245 Berlin, Friedrichshain – 2 minutes from Ostkreuz S-Bahn station.

The chemicals which we use are not dangerous, but they stain, so please wear clothes you don’t mind becoming permanently stained in case of an accident.

Hope to hear from you soon!