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Basic Printing Workshop

In the workshop I teach you the basics of making a black and white print enlargement from (optionally, your own) negatives. No previous darkroom experience is required, and this workshop could also benefit someone who has not been in the darkroom for a long period and who wishes to get a revision course.

I will teach you how to make a proper, straight print from your negative. During the day I explain everything you need to know about the darkroom: the chemicals and all the tools and materials we will use. At the end of the day you will go home with a finished print that you have made by yourself.

There is a maximum of 2 people per group. The workshop takes a full day.

The price is 175 € + VAT per person including equipment and material.

The workshops are held upon requests, to apply, please write an email to: [email protected] 

Vouchers / Gift cards are also available. 

Location: Simplon Lab, Simplon str 65, 10245 Berlin, Friedrichshain – 2 min from Ostkreuz S-Bahn station.

It would be great if you can bring your own b&w negatives (35mm, middle format or 4×5”) we could use during the class. If not, don’t worry, I have sample negatives in the lab already, waiting to be lit through.

The chemicals which we use are not dangerous, but they stain, so please wear clothes you don’t mind becoming permanently stained in case of an accident.

Hope to hear from you soon!