Apply to workshops

Once you choose the workshop you would like to take (you can find detailed descriptions of them on the menu on the left), you can apply here.


voucher example smallbwPlease decide on the workshop you would like and the terms of payment, and review the information below. Alternatively, if you would like to apply for a workshop for someone else and give the workshop as a present, I can send a little package with a voucher in it via post to the recipient (the voucher can be used until the end of next year).



Basic printing workshop ……………….€100

Advanced printing workshop ………….€150

Exhibition / Portfolio workshop ………..€500

Negative development workshop ………€50




Once you have paid for the workshop, please write an email to with the following information:


After I receive your email, within two days I will post the voucher package (with all the information and a little surprise) to the given address by normal post. The voucher you (or the person you bought it for) can use it until the 31st of December of the next calendar year, and within that time period, via email, we can find the date which works for both of us to have the workshop.


Payment in cash:

Please write an email to with the following information:

And then you can pay in cash on the day of the workshop in person, but in this case you won’t get the little package via post.


Hope to see you soon!